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Initiative to train 1m African software devs reaches SA

📆02.09.2022 | 👤 ITWeb

South Africa is now the second African nation to introduce the one million developers for Africa programme, after it was rolled out in Kenya. This comes as a recent survey revealed the skills gap and unmet demand for skilled talent continues to inhibit the growth of the local ICT sector and economy. Read More.

Startup Business Campus: Africa’s Superhub Empowering Iconic African Startups

📆07.09.2023 | 👤 iAfrica

Startup Business Campus is thrilled to announce itself as Africa’s superhub for entrepreneurs, enablers, and investors. With a steadfast Campus offers a dynamic environment where great minds collaborate, learn, create, and connect. Read More.

Startup Business Campus Africa’s premier super-hub for Entrepreneurs.

📆05.09.2023 | 👤 Guardian Report.

The African continent finds itself facing a plethora of challenges, and unemployment is Africa’s biggest challenge, affecting young people in their majority. Startup Business Campus has announced itself as Africa’s premier super-hub for entrepreneurs… Read More.