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Business Idea Generation &
Business Model Development

     Defining your idea & business model

  • Objective: nail down what is unique about your idea
  • Activities: analysing markets and trends, prototyping your business idea with real customers
  • Milestones: get customer feedback on your prototype product.

Sales & Marketing in an Entrepreneurial Context

 Selling your business solution

  • Objective: craft a compelling story and sales & marketing plan to share with the world.
  • Activities: getting to grips with key marketing & sales techniques, perfecting your presentation skills.
  • Milestones: pitch to Startup Business Campus community; get feedback, tips ,advice and investment.

Finance for
startup businesses

Getting the numbers right

  • Objective: know how to manage your day to day start-up finances
  • Activities: financial planning, liquidity and estimating funding needs
  • Milestones: develop and present your start-up’s financial plan

Operations in an
Entrepreneurial Context

Launching your startup business

  • Objective: prepare to present your startup business.
  • Activity: finalising and presenting your startup business plan.
  • Milestones: pitch your startup business at the Eagles’ Nest investment platform.

Funding in an Entrepreneurial Context

   Structuring, managing & financing a business

  • Objective: financing a business or project.
  • Activities: structuring a project, developing a pitch deck, evaluating financial needs, calculating a budget, understanding how to apply for funding
  • Milestones: prepare the documents you need to secure funding for business or project.   

Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Innovation Experience

Action-oriented,  collaborative & immersive learning experience

  • Objective: building capacities and capabilities to thrive in chaos.
  • Activities: acquiring critical skills and practical tool-kits to analysis big picture processes and trends.
  • Milestones:  work on a practical case study that identifies productive areas of uncertainty & confusion; and leading an organisation into those areas to gain competitive or other kinds of  advantage.